Founded in 1887 in the Swiss Alps and one hundred percent family owned, every generation has been fuelled by a passion for innovation and action sports. We began our story as master craftsmen, making wooden wheels and tables before moving on to sleds and cross-country skis. In 1912 we started manufacturing alpine skis, then water skis, monoskis and finally snowboards in 1984. Today, we are the oldest action sports company in the world and have built highly successful brands, which have played an integral role in the evolution of every industry in which we’ve been involved for over five generations.


For more than a century, Nidecker has been owned and operated by the family, whose first sons have all been named Henri, in Rolle, Switzerland. In 2010, Henri IV passed the company on to the 5th generation, his three sons, Henry, Xavier and Cédric Nidecker.

The Nidecker brothers: Cédric, Henry V and Xavier Nidecker
30 cm Powder Rule: "No work on a Pow day". A few employees from the Nidecker Group enjoy a fresh powder day together in Verbier, Switzerland.